Ilija Eftimov

Thoughts on simple software engineering


My name is Ilija Eftimov. I am on a mission to reduce complexity - in my life, my job, my career and in our field.

Here are 3 quick things you probably don’t know about me:

Thing #1: I lived on three different continents. Yes, that means I had a place to live, I had a job and had (some) social life.

Thing #2: I am an expatriate. That basically means the country I call home is not the country I was born or grew up in. (Shoot me a message if you're thinking about moving abroad – I'll help gladly.)

Thing #3: I am (trying to) post a single atomic idea in less than 250 words every day over on my Twitter account. Join me!

I also have a newsletter. You can join here here.

During the day, I work for Scribd as a senior software engineer, busting bugs, building services, working with CDNs, while trying to change the way the world reads.

If you want to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn or e-mail.