Want help with something? Shoot me an email, but don’t just say hi.

I am a senior software engineer, working with the fine folks over at Scribd. Before that I worked with some great people in Catawiki and in Siyelo.

In my career now spanning ~10 years my roles have varied from a full-stack developer, to technical leader, backend software engineer, and even moonlighting as a product manager.

I have built large distributed systems, serving millions of requests a day. At Catawiki I built one of the first microservices – breaking ground for an architecture that later grew to over 40 different microservices, hosted on hundreds of nodes, unlocking the growth potential of the product. At Scribd, with my team I am work on laying the foundations for growing a service-oriented architecture and fully embracing the DevOps culture. If that seems interesting - join us!

Throughout my career I have been fortunate to collaborate and be challenged by invigorating people. I have worked on ambitious projects and have had to set up foundations for others to build upon while solving interesting problems.

Since 2015, on this blog, I’m sharing my learnings and realizations on building software, conquering the vast area of cloud technologies and being a successful engineer.

In my private life, (before COVID19) I love to travel and to explore cultures and taste new cuisines. That was the reason why I decided to become an expatriate, and since 2016 I have been fortunate to call Amsterdam and The Netherlands my home.

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