Ilija Eftimov

A human, interested in building products and software.


My name is Ilija Eftimov. I am a digital products builder, IKEA hot dog gourmand, geek and connoisseur of useless YouTube videos.

Here are 3 quick things you probably don’t know about me:

Thing #1: I lived on three different continents. Yes, that means I had a place to live, I had a job and had (some) social life.

Thing #2: I am an expatriate. That basically means the country I call home is not the country I was born or grew up in. (Shoot me a message if you're thinking about moving abroad – I'll help gladly.)

Thing #3: I'm on a mission to simplify the lives of people with a career in software development, or to the ones that want to enter the field.

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My experience? I work for Scribd as a senior software engineer, building services-oriented architectures while trying to change the way the world reads.

Before that, I spent three and a half years in Catawiki as an senior engineer and team lead and three years before that as a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer at Siyelo.

If you want to get in touch, you can find me on Twitter, Github, LinkedIn or e-mail.