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RailsConf 2015 talks that you should watch

·2 mins

Recently Confreaks uploaded a ton of RailsConf 2015 talks on Youtube. Although I haven’t watched all of the talks, these are some of the ones that in my opinion are very worth watching. Keep in mind that this list will grow as I watch more talks over time. So, without further ado…

So You Want to Start Refactoring? #

by @j3foley #

In this talk, Jillian Foley talks about refactoring. She shares some techniques about how to approach code that you haven’t written and how to easily refactor it.

Nothing is Something #

by @sandimetz #

The great Sandi Metz talks about how our code hides concepts/knowledge away from us. Her examples are awesome and her explanation of the NullObject pattern and OOD in general is awesome, as always.

Don’t Be A Hero: Sustainable Open Source #

by @lilliealbert #

Lillie Chilen talks about the pain points of maintaining open source projects, how to improve the experience and how to onboard new contributors.

Opening Keynote #

by @dhh #

DHH talks about the motivation behind the built in, slimmed down, API Rails generator, then continues about Turbolinks 3 and the newest addition to Rails - ActionCable.

Keynote #

by @tenderlove #

Man… he starts off by reading puns from his Twitter timeline. Then goes on to boot his XP machine and opens his slides written with ComicSans. Everything is awesome about Aaron’s keynote.

Closing Keynote #

by @kentbeck #

Beautiful talk by Kent Beck about what he learned in his career as a software developer, his habits that he has developed and what he aims for everyday in his day-to-day job.

You think I missed an awesome talk in this list? Or maybe, you want to share your favourite talks from RailsConf 2015? Please leave a comment!