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👋 Hey there! I’m Ilija.

My goal in life is to fuel my curiosity and always keep on learning. I’m a software engineer, writer, polyglot, DIYer, traveller, and podcasts connoisseur.

📝 I publish essays on my blog, and share my ideas on Twitter.

As seen in:

✉️ I write my own newsletter. It is a short but sweet read, and a community of +1000 other subscribers. I share essays, notes, videos, and all my learnings on the journey of excelling as a software engineer.

So far, my best writing is:

How to Make the Step up From Intermediate to Senior Engineer
Deep dive in CORS: History, how it works, and best practices
Understanding bytes in Go by building a TCP protocol
Make resilient Go net/http servers using timeouts, deadlines and context cancellation
Conditional HTTP GET: The fastest requests need no response body

🙏 Thanks for stopping by! If you’d like to learn even more about me, you can check out my work page, or get in touch if you have questions, want to collaborate, or just have a chat.